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Baixar Here All Along Livro...

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  1. Baixar ou Ler Online Here All Along Livro Grátis (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Crista McHugh
  2. Here All Along resumo : Movie star Gideon Kelly has always harbored a secret crush for his long-time friend and assistant, Sarah. Whenever he hints they become more than friends, however, she immediately changes the subject. But one sizzling on-screen kiss is enough to convince him she’s the only woman for him, and he’s determined to prove to her they have all the makings of an epic Hollywood romance. Sarah Bennett rose to stardom as a child only to crash and burn in her late teen years. Gideon was there to help put the pieces of her life back together, and she now relishes her life far away from the paparazzi flashes. Her need for privacy is the one thing holding her back from exploring something more with him. When a video of their kiss goes viral, though, she’s left wondering if he’s worth the risk of stepping back into the spotlight as his leading lady.

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